Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard: Liverpool star says teams are finding it easier to counter him

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard got the Tubes treatment on Saturday’s Soccer AM.

The Reds legend was put on the spot by our roving reporter and asked about his new role as a more defensive-minded midfielder, Luis Suarez’s departure from Anfield over the summer, retiring from international football, and more.

So read on to see how Gerrard feels opposition teams are targeting him, why Suarez’s exit was ‘probably inevitable’ and what he wants best pal, former team-mate and Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher to stop doing…

Gerrard on… Gerrard

“Brendan Rodgers has put me in a different role which I took to well last season and found some good form. I’ve tried to do the same this season but the only difference is that some sides are setting up to stop us playing and building attacks.

“As I’m more disciplined and don’t move around as much it’s maybe slightly easier for opposition players to follow me or man-mark me. I’m working with Brendan very closely at the moment to counter that and have been playing a little bit further forward at times, but I’m enjoying it. It’s a good challenge for me to try and hit top form.”

Gerrard on… Luis Suarez

“When I saw the events in the summer [when Suarez bit Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup] I thought we would find it very difficult to keep hold of him and it was probably inevitable [that he would go], but before that I was hoping we would get another season out of him. I always knew that either Barcelona or Real Madrid would come in for him because his is a wonderful footballer and on form last year he was probably up there with Cristiano Ronaldo.”